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Is Jeet Kune Do just a philosophy? Is a sport (football, basketball, soccer, hockey) just a rule book?


Bruce Lee had a great quote that I've loved for a long time. "When you fight, fight not only with the body, and not only with your mind, but with your entire spirit."

There are a lot of things that you need when fighting against someone else. Mental fortitude is one of them, what is often referred to as "fighting spirit". That ability to apply while under stress. When you're faced with an opponent who is determined to hurt you, possibly kill you, then you must fight with everything.

You don’t want injuries. They aren't fun, they aren't cool, and they aren't needed.

First things first: Don't get fooled by some gimmick!!

It's true. I have 64 plants. Inside my house.

It’s true, I hate running. 

But I love being outside, and I care about my health and fitness.

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