Duo Ji Kung Fu

Duo Ji “Many Ways” Kung Fu is a defensive art founded by Ed Monaghan. The art takes a systematic and broad approach to developing a full spectrum of martial skills.

The core philosophy is to learn to apply all techniques in multiple ways, making creativity and adaptability key elements.

Sifu Ed Monaghan & Sifu Joel Ledlow

Students learn a progression of stances, footwork, striking, blocking, take downs, throws, and grappling that take them safely and steadily into higher levels of application.

Sifu Ed fused traditional martial skills with modern ones, allowing a practitioner to gain knowledge and skill from traditional movement while being able to apply them in a modern world.  Sifu Joel, a 4th degree black belt, is the highest ranking student/instructor under Sifu Ed and has been instrumental in assisting with the development of the art.

Kung Fu Backfist

Sifu Joel further modernized Duo Ji Kung Fu when he opened his first school, Evolution Martial Arts OKC. He did this by distilling all of the traditional self-defense techniques into what he calls “the Quick 3”.

All self-defense techniques come from these 3 root movements:

  1. Drop
  2. Go with push/pull
  3. Tuck the chin against a choke

Kung Fu Rolling

It was this Quick 3 approach that Sifu Joel taught to the US Army. 

The techniques are designed to allow practitioners to defend and then return as needed with the intention of de-escalating confrontations.  Sifu Joel used these movements to great effect while working security in Hollywood, CA.

The belt ranks in Duo Ji Kung Fu are designed to break the techniques down into an easy to learn progression.

Kids Kung Fu Class

All students learn at their own pace, moving into increasingly more challenging techniques only after gaining adequate skill.