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Sifu Bruce Lee
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Sifu Joel Ledlow

Second Generation JKD

Sifu Joel Ledlow is a Full Jeet Kune Do Instructor under Jerry Poteet, who trained with the iconic Bruce Lee and is considered to be Bruce's top student.
Unlock your inner power, beyond imagination.
“You don't learn Jeet Kune Do, you learn from Jeet Kune Do” --Sifu Joel Ledlow
Unlocking your potential. Martial training works to unify the mind with the body while strengthening the spirit. When you are better able to use your body and mind in a coordinated effort, you can then better apply yourself to any situation in life.
Direct result. Better cardiovascular health, increased physical strength and better muscle tone, lower stress levels, greater confidence.
Problem solving. One of the things that makes us great is our ability to learn and problem solve. It is a martial ART, which means that we are expressive and creative. Being a student who is able to make mistakes in a safe and positive environment, allows you to explore and grow. Training becomes an exercise in problem solving.

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NEW! Interactive Online Martial Arts Classes
With the Covid-19 virus outbreak and recommendations by health authorities, Evolution Martial Arts has transitioned to interactive online classes. This will reduce community exposure and help students continue their training.
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NEW! Interactive Online Martial Arts Classes
Breakfast Routine and Martial Skill
Martial skill is much like your breakfast routine. Whether you wake up groggy or with a hectic morning scramble or just a quiet start to your day, you make a meal that suits you. One that is comfortable and easy.
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Breakfast Routine and Martial Skill
Play, Move, Fight
I want to discuss three attitudes for martial arts practitioners. These are martial artists who have skill and are looking to challenge their skill, understanding, and/or ability to apply. If you’ve just started training, read anyway!!
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Play, Move, Fight
Crawl, walk, run, sprint
I want to use an analogy (big surprise there!) to explore some of the reasoning why Bruce Lee began using the name of Jeet Kune Do for his martial arts, why It’s not Wing Chun, and why people have a hard time seeing the difference.
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Crawl, walk, run, sprint